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Niketa believes that art brings meaning to our lives and is essential in sharing the experiences of our cultures. She paints and constructs fabric collages to commemorate her ever changing urban and natural surroundings. Her themes often highlight issues around gender roles, water access, environment degradation and endangered wildlife and is passionate about conserving the environment.

From Niketa- “Childhood memories, travel and social issues inspire me in the form of a bustling transport junction, city street, or school children walking home from school, each moment a chance to be grateful, stop, breath and be present in the moment”.

Niketa studied Graphic Design in Birmingham University and worked as an Advertising Art Director for many years.

She has worked as Event planner, an Estate Agent, Printer, Building contractor and put on many other hats before finally finding her way back to study Fine Art at Kenyatta University, graduating with a BA in fine Arts in 2016. Painting full time since then and participating and many group shows. She has exhibited in Nairobi, Delhi and Castellon, and has sold work to collectors in the USA, Canada, Germany, India, Spain and Kenya. She paints in water colours, acrylics, oils and makes collages with textiles.

2018 Quarterly News

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Niketa’s painting styles

Kenya Apr -June

what ? where ?  when?

read about what happened in the last 3 months and where my journey is taking me…

this quarter there was no travel but there were plenty of opportunities to network and support my favourite charities