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2018 Jan- Mar

The year began with a heavy heart as I took stock of what I had achieved and where I stood with my progress in my life as an artist. Suffice to say that it wasn’t inspiring- after registering a domain at the beginning of 2017 and finally putting up a few pieces when I was under pressure to exhibit in June, is how the site stood for the whole of last year. 
Going to put my best foot forward here and confess that I did finally begin this year on a more positive and constructive note regarding painting and showing. YAY!
I finished the Endangered Animal series that began last September- and I also managed to take it to India to my dear friend Sapna’s house where we held a pop-up show mid-Feb. The response was very encouraging and I also managed to sell quite a few prints and 2 original paintings. The highlight of the trip was to visit the India Art Fair 2018 and of course the obligatory visit to the Taj Mahal.
My return saw me also finish my ‘water’ series of water colours that I will write about next and for now you can enjoy some of the pictures from my trip.

6 thoughts on “2018 Jan- Mar”

  1. Nikki you are an AMZING artist. Your work is full of love and passion and sooooo colourful – just what we need in this bleak world

    1. Thank you my love, appreciate the positivity and confidence boost from your always honest and true sentiments…xoxo

  2. Fatima Alimohamed

    So so proud of you Niki. Your talent and passion for anything and everything creative and artistic is commendable. Can’t wait to have you in Ghana and other places too and show you and your talent off xx

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