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2018- April- June

2018 Apr-June

New Watercolours
Finally, some new work and a lot of new beginnings and opportunities. Let me start with the progress of a project that started quite emotionally and continues to evolve everyday, the Water Bearer series.
These miniature water colour paintings are a testimony to the burden of work that women do in every part of Kenya, and how access to water – a daily necessity, is still a far-off dream in most parts of the country. Wherever you go, in rural areas and also in the city you find the ubiquitous ‘Jerry Can’ on tops of heads, bicycles, donkeys, motorbikes and even boats…the goal?- to provide water for their family and daily needs. The idea formed slowly and is still in a state of transition but I hope you enjoy the works created so far. Inspired by the photographs taken by me and fellow travelers, the little paintings are expressively detailed with patterned frames inspired by the Kitenge wraps worn by women all over Kenya.
​A big shout out and thank you to the people who have bought a few of these little gems, I hope they brighten up your spaces for years to come. Below are Defiant, Nurturer and Fearless, named after the countless forms a woman takes on to feed and fend for her family.
At the Art Fair
In May I got a chance to present my work at the French Womens’ Association at one of their events where they give artists and designers a chance to showcase their work. It was my first pop-up show and therefore I got a chance to make many mistakes and learn form other professionals on how to go about it next time. All in all it went well and am happy to have met so many creative souls who shared their experiences and those that came by to appreciate the work. 
Art Workshop
During June I finally saw an idea that has been in the pipeline for a while take shape and come to fruition. One of my personal goals was to connect with and share my love of Art with those that never have access to it. I teamed up with a good friend Mandy (a motivational speaker, who runs ‘My body belongs to me’ campaign) and brought art workshops to childrens’ orphanages. Here are some pictures from two of them that were at Dandora and The Nest in Limuru. I think the beauty of the their smiles will tell you how much it meant to all of us. I hope to continue and make this a regular event in my life.

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