These miniature paintings have taken a year to complete, because a lot of time was spent collecting reference material during my travels. The frames are inspired by the colorful Kitenge wraps worn by the women all over Kenya, and are largely identifiable as a Kenyan fabric. While the composition was inspired by the Moghul dynasty miniatures from the 14th Century where the lives of royalty were recorded with minute details and patterns. In this work the little details signify the countless ‘little’ tasks a woman has to accomplish in her day.

Water Bearers

The titles of the works stem from her nature and the many jobs a woman takes care of during the day- producing, caring, nurturing and providing safety, comfort, etc There are still a few pieces remaining and you can take a look at them here – Niketas Shop Water is life and water access in rural areas and its’ availability in urban spaces has definitely been on my mind.