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This page focuses on my Cityscape paintings, which are personal expressions of Nairobi’s many perspectives. They are inspired by the changes that I have observed over the years and find fascinating. Mainly featuring in my work are road expansion, new buildings, current topics and roadside kiosks.

Why Nairobi? to celebrate this city, its’ growth and diversity and its’ ever changing skyline that points to these factors. How? By using color, space and drawing to achieve a distinct atmospheric quality, as a result mimicking how memory distorts reality, resulting in subtle changes in representation. This changes the ambience and allow the viewer to see a space as if for the first time again. I work mainly in Acrylic paints.

Also, a recurring theme in my cityscape paintings is the ever shrinking but unique Nairobi national park where the wildlife is cornered in a desperate situation due to the encroaching city. Another inspiration behind the cityscape paintings, is people living in dense informal nairobi neighbourhoods.

They fascinate me because of their patience, ever smiling and compassionate nature. Because, they never seem to hold a grudge against the greedy politician accountable for their lot in life, what is more, is that they are often responsible for keeping them there.