These paintings are from the annual Vanishing Wonders show of 2019 – the style and medium are both new for me. I worked in oils and charcoal and thoroughly enjoyed creating this playful semi-surreal style.

This series of wildlife animal paintings created in 2018 was a result of news of rhino and elephant poaching and encroaching of national parks, which continue to shrink due to unplanned development, climate change and human wildlife conflict.
The abstract backgrounds were happy accidents from acrylic pours of candy colors evocative of the happier times that I spent observing these animals during safaris.

Although rendered realistically the animals are almost transparent to reflect their fleeting presence.

  1. Keep it up Niketa!!

  2. So so proud of you Niki. Your talent and passion for anything and everything creative and artistic is commendable. Can’t…

  3. Thank you my love, appreciate the positivity and confidence boost from your always honest and true sentiments…xoxo